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Your extension experience at Hair Mosaics Salon begins with a complimentary in-person consultation. Our extension artists will educate you on our company’s extension methods of installation, pricing and necessary maintenance for the extensions. All of our extension services are customized to each guest's needs and are priced per consultation, depending on the length and amount of hair we are adding, and the method of installation. Therefore, we will not be able to give an estimated price without an in-person consultation.

Our extension Artists work on a tiered system. Their tier and pricing vary based on client demand, certifications and experience with each method.

We offer multiple different modalities: Keratin Fusion (k-tip), Weft (machine & hand tied), I-tip, Tape-In, HearWear Hair Toppers and COMBLINE.


  • K-tip extensions are installed using a heating element which safely melts the keratin tips onto your own hair. They have 360 mobility and are the most customizable for color.

  • Guests will enjoy 12 to 16 weeks of wear per installation, depending on the growth of the natural hair. Hair is not reusable.


  • Wefts are ideal for course or thicker hair—no tape, glue or heat are needed. We apply the wefts with a looping tool, beads and thread.

    Hand-tied wefts are ideal for finer hair , they are light weight and stackable to create density.

    • Guests will enjoy 8 to 10 weeks of wear before maintenance is required. Hair is reusable.


Tape-in extensions have a medical grade adhesive to create a secure and comfortable flat weft.

  • Guests will enjoy 6 to 8 weeks of wear before maintenance is required. Hair is reusable.


  • I-tips are installed with a strand by strand application without using heat or glue. They are great for those with finer hair.

    • Guests will enjoy 8 to 10 weeks of wear before maintenance is required. Hair is reusable.


Hairwear pieces offer a semi-permanent, fully customizable hair enhancement solution for guests experiencing more severe forms of hair loss.

This system is attached by a mini tape-in method which can be worn continuously for 3 weeks before maintenance is needed. This method does not require shaving and the hairpiece can be washed and styled just like normal hair.


COMBLINE is a versatile extension application used for both thickening and lengthening lasting up to 8 weeks.

Using a special adhesive, it can be applied to the fringe, top, sides and crown areas. This method is a great option for clients with more than average hair loss. This method creates confident while also delivering lightweight, comfortable and invisible bonds.